Pittsburgh Dress For Success

Pittsburgh Dress For SuccessDress For Success
For the last five years in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
Dress For Success has provided appropriate work clothing for economically disadvantaged women. If you have an interview already set up, but are concerned you lack appropriate clothing for that job, contact Dress For Success. They live up to their logo of "Suits to Self-Sufficiency". Clients can receive a suit, shoes, and appropriate accessories for their job interview. If the Dress For Success client gets the job and needs a particular style of clothing (for example, scrubs in a health care setting) she will receive up to 3 additional outfits for work.

Realize that your personal appearance sends a message about you and how seriously you take the job you are applying for. If you can not
afford clothing for a new job, don't let that be a barrier that holds you back. Visit http://www.dressforsuccess.org/.

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