4 great reasons to join Army ROTC during college.

pittsburgh army rotcWhy enroll in Army ROTC?

1. Military career
Guaranteed, immediate employment with the Army once you graduate. The opportunity to serve your country. Training on the world’s most advanced equipment and tools. Employer funded continuing education opportunities. Structured opportunities for promotions and pay raises. A military career offers graduates many perks most civilian employers can’t match.

2. Scholarships
Army ROTC scholarships are not given based on the financial needs of cadets, rather they are awarded based on merit, as are most perks in the military. Army ROTC offers several scholarship options. There are a two, three, and four year options. These scholarships will generally cover the entire cost of your tuition, provide an allowance for books and school fees, and provide a living stipend based on what level you are at in the Army ROTC curriculum.

Cadets compete for national and campus based scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to those with the best Grade Point Averages, Army Physical Fitness Test scores, and the Army’s Leadership Development Assessment Course results. ROTC cadets will be the first to tell you don’t let these criteria stop you from applying; that ROTC wants you to succeed and is designed to help you reach your academic goals.

3. Economy
Want an excellent insurance policy against economic downturns? Consider military service. What other vocation is always hiring through good and bad economic times?

In the civilian world, having a job waiting for you upon graduation has become a rarity. Faced with unemployment, and debt to pay back, many students turn to mom and dad for help. A 2009 CollgeGrad.com study stated, “Among 2009 U.S. college graduates, 80 percent moved back home with their parents after graduation, up from 77 percent in 2008, 73 percent in 2007, and 67 percent in 2006.”

4. Civilian careers
Remember that less than 1% of our population serves in all of the Armed Forces combined. Being a current or former member of the military immediately makes you stand out. Military service is a highly respected, and often sought after, attribute of job seekers. Many ROTC cadets will graduate and serve in the National Guard or Army Reserves as officers while maintaining a civilian career.

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