What did you read in the news today?

Kate and William are married. President Obama is actually a U.S. citizen. Emma Watson was NOT bullied in school. Oh! And Charlie Sheen was dumped. Yes, this is what we apparently were concerned about over the last week or so.

Here is a headline I also read this morning, but didn't quite make the top tier of news. Jobless Claims Hit 8 Month High.

A study by the Pew Research Center did state that the majority of people responding to this poll agreed there was too much coverage on the royal wedding and President Obama's birth certificate and not enough coverage on things like the rising cost of food and gas. There are two problems with the news. The first is that we are primarily reading the headlines, like those mentioned above, which are placed in front of us. The second problems is that we are primarily talking about those headlines placed in front of us.

The news media figures are more interested in the royal wedding and Charlie Sheen's love life than the fact that there is still real trouble out here for the employed and unemployed. Secondly, rather than seeking out meaningful news that can help us prepare and better deal with the economic challenges in our lives, we buzz/text/twit/and email about birth certificates and the length of Kate's dress. Neither of these topics are going to prepare you for the challenges of unemployment, underemployment, inflation, or fewer health care options.

Choose wisely where you spend your time getting your news.  How about some news that will help you stay out of credit card debt, avoid bankruptcy and foreclosure, minimize financial risk in your life, help you find much better deals, get a better job, or protect your identity?

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