An example why insurance for your health is an investment.

The cost of health insurance isn't just an annoying deduction out of your paycheck, it is an investment in the preservation of your lifestyle and assets. Here is a story about a woman I worked with not long ago that highlights why you should consider basic health insurance an investment.

Angela's mouth was beginning to swell on one side. Her gum had become infected because of the unresolved problems she was having with her teeth.  She had put off seeing a dentist because she had very little money and had no health insurance. She had opted to not pay for health insurance through her employer reasoning that she couldn’t afford it. The pain from the infection was getting worse and even forced her to call off work several times which meant she would be short in some of her paychecks.

A story about living without health insurance

Finally, she couldn’t take the pain any longer and went to a dentist. The dentist examined her teeth and then recommended the work that needed done to correct the problem. Now, she was faced with a costly situation. The work would cost about $1,000.00 and half of it needed to be paid up front. Angela struggled to find enough people to lend her the $500.00 she needed to get the work started. She did get the problem fixed, but was now $1,000.00 in debt. The worst part for her was that half of that debt was to family members. Additionally, she had been receiving paychecks that were smaller than usual because she had called off of work due to the constant pain her teeth were causing. 

Dental insurance was available to Angela through her employer and it would have covered the procedure she needed. She was paid 26 times a year and $7.80 would have been taken out of each check if she had taken that insurance. The total cost for the year would have been $202.80.  Once she did the math Angela wasn’t sure what made her feel worse: owing $1,000.00 or knowing she could have avoided it by paying a non-taxed $7.80 every paycheck.

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