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Help from the Taxpayer Advocate Service.

Years ago my younger brother Matt was having a problem at the school bus stop. A much larger kid was harassing him each morning and Matt was struggling to deal with him.

Matt wouldn't have been able to beat him in a fight, and reasoning with the larger kid wasn't getting Matt anywhere. Matt decided to call for help. The next day I went to the bus stop with Matt. Now there was two of us instead of one. Together we helped the larger kid understand that it would be better to leave Matt alone from now on. He got the message and the problem was solved.

Much like that day at the bus stop sometimes adults need back up against a much larger oppressor. The IRS can sometimes look that way, especially if they are not agreeing with you or seem to be insistent on your compliance in a matter you don't agree with.

Today, the Taxpayer Advocate Service is your backup. While they work within the IRS they are independent of the IRS and their mission is to help those in need when they haven't received an acceptable solution through the normal channels offered by the IRS.

If you are struggling with an issue with the IRS you can get the Taxpayer Advocate Service involved. The Taxpayer Advocate Service is free, and they can help you with the cost of professional representation. They can also help you determine if your rights as a taxpayer have been compromised. There is a Tax Advocate Service in every state, including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. You can visit their website here.

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