Is your employer still providing health insurance?

In U.S., New Low of 44.8% Get Healthcare From Employer
Government healthcare up, employer-based care down in 2010 vs. 2009
by Elizabeth Mendes

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A new low of 44.8% of American adults report getting their health insurance through an employer in November, down from 50% in January 2008, when Gallup began tracking it. The percentage of Americans with government-based healthcare remains elevated, with the 26% who report having it last month similar to the high of 26.3% found in September

TQR Comment: One of the bigger employee expenses has typically been healthcare, which makes it a tempting target to cut during tough economic times. Even if your employer continues to subsidize the cost of your health insurance, many companies are tending to choose packages that offer fewer benefits and higher deductibles in order to control the cost of the premiums. However, the reality is that more employers are just dropping the health insurance benefit altogether.

As hard as this is for employees it can be even more concerning for employees with children. Fortunately, there is an option for parents in these cases. The Children’s Health Insurance Program is a nationwide program, overseen individually by each state; it provides subsidized health insurance for all children. In Pennsylvania all children are eligible for this program, regardless of their parents’ income. How much the parents make is one factor in determining if the coverage will be free or low cost, however, if your employer does not offer health insurance anymore, this is a great alternative that ensures your kids are covered. The eligibility chart for Pennsylvania residents can be found at

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