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You don't have to steal your dinner and movie

You may have seen blogs and articles on in the past that explain alternative ways to getting what they want without stealing. We have featured many "alternative to stealing" articles on this site in the past, and there never seems to be a shortage of examples of dumb criminals doing things that make no sense. This past week two separate articles stood out in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

The first article "Rare Crime: Couple Accused of Stealing Filet Mignon" was found at This story told of a couple in Murrysville who had originally stolen $1,400.00 worth of meat from the Giant Eagle grocery store and had come back to again steal more meat. When they realized they had been spotted stealing more steak they ran from the store to their car, but were soon arrested since they had covered their license plate with a store circular and stuck out like a sore thumb to the police who were passing by!

In another story "Man Accused Of Stealing $600 Worth Of Blu-Rays From Walmart" found on the website we found out about a guy from Greensburg who put 664 blu-ray discs into a shopping bag and attempted to get away with them. The story made it sound like he got out of the store with only 31 of them as he tried to get away from the security people. He was also arrested.

You don't have to steal your dinner or a movieWe have said it many times before. Stealing is stupid. There are plenty of ways to get the basic things you want, like food and movies, inexpensively. For example, if you are like anyone else you have a birthday. There are many restaurants out there that will give you a free meal just for having a birthday! No stealing required! Here is a great list. Not all the restaurants listed have the same offers so be sure to call before you go. Want free entertainment? Try this list. We just bought a Pittsburgh area Entertainment Book and there are many coupons in it for buy one get one free movie tickets (same with restaurants).

Now, lets say these thieves intention wasn't to have a nice dinner / movie date at home, but rather to hussle some extra cash from the stolen goods. (First of all, why would anyone buy meat out of the trunk of someone's car?) There are plenty of other ways to make part-time cash. One fairly easy way is to work part time as a jockey at an auction. Many auctioneers and auction houses hold a weekly auction and need people to hold up goods for bidders to see.

What other alternatives can you think of?

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