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How your appearance affects your job interviewCan your physical appearance affect a job offer?

Here are some more tips about getting the job you want and (unfortunately?) they have  nothing to do with your qualifications. posted an article titled "Ways Your Appearance Affects Your Paycheck". This article includes a group of individual studies and their findings on particular physical characteristics and their affect on how much you earn.

Some you may expect. Being tall, good looking, smiling, and dressed conservatively were all associated with higher salaries. However, there were a few you may not have expected such as being blonde, wearing makeup, or having excellent posture giving you a chance to make more money. Some studies said being overweight, short, or having facial hair can work against you.

Your physical appearance and its' affect on your job interview results isn't a new topic and it is generally agreed that interviewers do at least subconsciously judge job candidates by their overall physical appearance. Take the factors listed in the two articles listed below. Have you seen any of these factors in play during an interview?

Will How I Look Affect Getting Job Offers?

"Ways Your Appearance Affects Your Paycheck".

Physical Features That Will Make Your Paycheck Larger


Will How I Look Affect Getting Job Offers?

When we write about job interviewing a common question that is asked of our team is "Does one's appearance affect the outcome of a job interview?". To answer that question we found an example from a highly unlikely source: the 1993 movie Schindler's List.

There is a scene in the movie where Regina Perlman comes to Oscar Schindler's factory to ask for an incredibly important favor. From his office Schindler looked down at Perlman where she was standing at the bottom of a long flight of steps. She was dressed in old clothes and she was turned away without even a word from Schindler. The next day she arrived with makeup on and was wearing a new hat and dress. She was invited up to Schindler's office.

Oscar Schindler: So, what can I do for you?
Krause: They say that no one dies here. They say your factory is a haven. They say you are good.
Schindler: Who says that?
Krause: Everyone. My name is Regina Perlman, not Elsa Krause. I've been living in Krakow on false papers since the ghetto massacre. My parents are in Plaszow. Their names are Chana and Jakob Perlman. They are older people. They're killing older people now in Plaszow. They bury them up in the forest. Look, I don't have any money. I-I borrowed these clothes, I'm begging you - please, please bring them here.

Most certainly, pleading for help saving your parents' lives is a far cry from applying for a job, but we can still see the advantage of Regina Perlman's strategy. The question of the affect of your appearance on your job interview's outcome is like so many others; it is often situational. The short answer is yes, looking good can enhance your chances of getting a job offer. Here are some physical traits that can help get you a higher paying job and some of the research behind this list.

Career Boosters
White and straight teeth.
Those with white, healthy looking teeth are considered more intelligent, interesting, and successful.

If you're a man be 6' tall or higher.
Or if you are a woman be 3 inches taller than the other women around you. Men who are at least 6' tall make an average salary of $5,525 more than their shorter, 5'5 counterparts.

You're not overweight, especially if you are a woman.
When they are overweight, both sexes report smaller paychecks, but women in particular are penalized. For women, a 1% increase in body mass results in a 0.6 percentage point decrease in family income.

You are attractive, but not so attractive that it is distraction!
Strangers rate attractive people as more trustworthy and honest without knowing anything else about them. However, if you are incredibly more attractive then everyone else around you more people say that can actually be a disruption in the workplace. 

You smile a lot.
Again, we tend to trust those who smile and find them more attractive.

You're not bald.
63% of men report that hair loss or balding has negatively affected their careers.

You stand up straight.
A Harvard University study showed that good posture not only makes you appear more successful and powerful, but can suppress the stress hormone cortisol, thus helping you relax in stressful situations.

You dress professionally.
If you don't, many hiring managers perceive you as someone who doesn't even care enough about yourself, let alone the company.


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