How Waitresses' Tip Building Strategies Can Get You A Job

job interview techniques, job interview skills, job interview soft skillsCareer coach Dan Miller's new free e-book "48 Business Ideas" (which you can download from his website may actually make you think about job interviews! Although idea #24 is to become a "tip enhancer" by holding seminars teaching wait staff ways to increase the tips they receive, it was the study Dan Miller cited that relates to interviewing techniques.

Dan writes:
Studies show that waiters can boost their tips from 10 to 100 percent by doing any of the following:

-Lightly touching the customer
-Smiling at the customer
-Squatting next to the table
-Introducing themselves by name
-Thanking them for dining there
-Forecasting good weather
-Drawing a smiley face on the check

All these behaviors are also called customer service "soft skills" and show warmth toward a customer which in turn builds instant trust and appreciation from the customer. How does this apply to job interviewing? Soft skills warm the interviewer up to you. If you think remaining stone faced and rigid is demonstrating professionalism you will struggle to get called back in again.

Think about it this way "Lightly touching the customer" / a firm handshake, "Smiling at the customer" / smiling during interview process, "Squatting next to the table" / showing deference and respect to the other person, "Forecasting good weather" / demonstrating a positive attitude, "Drawing a smiley face on the check" / sending a positive thank you afterwards. Many experts have written that your job qualifications alone will not guarantee you a job offer. These behaviors and actions will make a job interviewer feel confident about you which will put you at the front of the line for the job offer!

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