How to make extra money for college.

There are plenty of ways to make money for collegexpunkxgirlx14: I need a number of simple ways to make money in order to save up for college. I know, I should get a job. Unfortunately, Hardly anyone in/around my area is hiring, and if they are, they want someone who is 18+, which I am not. I only have a couple of months to get as much as I can. What are a few things I could do that can get me started?

TQR Answer: There are plenty of ways to make money for college. Here are a couple suggestions:
When I was working for a larger corporation my peers and I were always pressed for time. We had money, but no time, and would gladly pay for services that helped us manage day to day tasks so we would have more free time. For example, people would pay for help with laundry, house cleaning, yard work, grocery shopping, picking up their daily lunch order, picking up their kids from daycare, pet sitting (big demand for this) and bringing in their mail, picking up and dropping off their drycleaning, cleaning out and organizing garages, etc. We often hired people to do these tasks for us.

One other suggestion (if you are 16 years old or over) is to become a volunteer firefighter. Whether you are a boy or girl there is a place for you in volunteer firefighting and many community colleges will completely waive tuition costs for anyone who is a volunteer firefighter. You can learn more about that online. Good luck!

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