Rising Prices

How much have prices really gone up?
From the November / December issue of The Quarter Roll

Walk down the dairy aisle lately? Notice how items like eggs, milk, and cheese have dramatically risen in price over the last year. Ever wonder what has happened to your purchasing power of the years?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a great tool to see what inflation has done to purchasing power. Here's an example of how much you would need in today's dollars in order to buy just $1.00 worth of stuff back then!

For example, you would need $7.63 of today’s money in order to buy just $1.00 worth of stuff in 1960!

$5.82 today = $1.00 in 1970
$2.74 today = $1.00 in 1980
$1.73 today = $1.00 in 1990
$1.31 today = $1.00 in 2000

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