How you can earn a collegiate athletic scholarship.

"I'm not a superstar athlete. I can't get an athletic scholarship, right?" Wrong!

You can find the "How it can pay to play: winning collegiate athletic scholarships" article here and learn how one community college in particular is supporting students.

Get answers to these questions and much more:
-What if you are not a superstar high school athlete?
-What if you haven't been recruited into a 4 year university?
-How can you cut the cost of college by 75% even without a scholarship?
-I don't play football. Athletic scholarships aren't for me, right?
-What kind of time commitment is involved when playing a sport?
-How much money is available for athletic college scholarships?
-Do I really have a chance of getting a scholarship?
-Does it cost to play in sports?
-How do I learn more?


Community College of Allegheny County student athletes.

Community College of Allegheny County student athletes. Learn more about CCAC athletics here.

Not a superstar athlete? You NEED to read this interview with CCAC.

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