How 1 Man Applied For (And Received) A Job That Didn't Exist

Adam Kickish’s career as a loss prevention and safety manager was unexpectedly derailed one afternoon when his boss called him into an office and informed him that he was being laid off. Adam was told that the lay-off had nothing to do with the quality of his work, but that the company was failing and could no longer afford him.

Adam soon found out that he was not the only person being let go that day, as he ran into many laid off employees from other departments making their way down hallways toward the front of the building.

Adam knew right away it was going to be difficult to quickly replace his salary and get his career back on track. However, he didn’t let that challenge stop him from aggressively looking for work. Proving that persistence pays off, Adam had a new professional level job within 8 weeks of losing his last position. How did he do it?

During the time he was laid off, Adam tried many of the standard practices a job seeker would normally try. He searched job boards, contacted people in his professional network, and asked for referrals. However, Adam says that it was going to a job fair that made the difference. When he went to the
job fair Adam’s expectations weren’t high, as there was lots of competition, but he visited each employer’s booth anyway.

Adam said, “There were so many people there, and the employers at each booth had collections of resumes as thick as phone books.” Adam had two personal goals for this job fair. First, he wanted to meet decision makers and get some kind of inside information about their company and them personally. That would be information he could use down the road if he applied for other jobs.

How Adam stood out.

“My other goal was to stand out from the rest of the group. I did that by mirroring the behavior of the company representative. If he was upbeat I was upbeat. If he was more laid back that is how I acted.” At one booth Adam noted that they had no appropriate jobs listed for him, but he took the time to introduce himself anyway.

That hiring manager realized Adam was an ideal fit for another division of the company. That brief meeting led to two interviews and a job offer not long afterwards. Today, Adam is employed in a growing industry and his career is strongly moving forward.

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