How To Interview When Everyone's Watching You

Just like there are behaviors employers love, there are also behaviors that make employers cringe. In fact employers will be watching you very closely and evaluating how you conduct yourself and interact with others. That means it is very important you are aware of your own actions when interviewing.

In “The Pick” episode of Seinfeld, Jerry is unjustly dumped by his new girlfriend when she thinks she sees him picking his nose in the car beside hers. While Jerry would argue that he was only scratching, the girlfriend continued to believe it was a pick based on the angle from which she saw Jerry. Have you ever been in a situation where a seemingly innocent act is completely misunderstood? One place you certainly don’t want this to happen is at a potential employer’s workplace.

Keep in mind that as you are pulling into the parking lot of the company you are interviewing at, you are being watched. Nearly every company
has a security camera or at least a bored employee gazing out a window. As the new guy every one of your actions, no matter how small, is
being judged.

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