I see opportunity all around me. How about you? I just read about the makers of the "DODOcase". Incredible story; brilliant idea. When the iPad was released these people did not see the end of printed books. They saw an opportunity to keep book binding alive and well, as they say on their website. They created a book binding product that allows the iPad to be carried and appear like a printed book!

Opportunity does have a degree of mystery to it. Will the opportunity you seize bring success, no change, or misfortune? For example, in the May / June 2011 edition of The Quarter Roll, the story about quarterback Pat White's opportunity with the Miami Dolphins shows that sometimes opportunity brings new challenges. One thing is certain, failing to recognize and use opportunities means you gain nothing.

How often do opportunities come around? I would argue you are surrounded by opportunity every day. Some are bigger than others, but they are there. Here is where I see opportunity today.

At home.
My red head has a very demanding job. Her job is stressful and hectic, and her commute is simply brutal. When she gets home tonight she is going to be tired, and I will have an opportunity to easily look like a hero with small acts of kindness. Cooking a meal, frosting her favorite beer mug, and rubbing her shoulders always work!

At work.
There are endless opportunities to increase my value at work. I meet people all the time that are so thankful for a helping hand. By sharing my resources with them my business becomes more valuable to them, and I have the opportunity to gain a customer or partner.

At play.
Today at the gym there is going to be an opportunity to make a friend. Someone will need help lifting something or learning how to use a new piece of equipment. A minute of my help could lead to a lifetime of friendship.

At school.
We are so fortunate in this country to have so many opportunities to learn. When I discovered I had the opportunity to go to graduate school for free simply because I had been laid off, I seized the opportunity. Today I will learn something new and meaningful in class that will allow me to further my career.

Where do you see opportunity today?

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