Solve the job skills mismatch.

If you are hunting for a new job or a better job are you finding that your current skills are not a match for the jobs posted? The Baltimore Sun's article "Mismatch between jobs, job seekers contributes to unemployment" explains that many job seekers are finding difficulties on two fronts. The first is that there are still 4 job seekers for every 1 job. The second is that their current work skills are not a match for the jobs that are out there.

Regularly taking training and classes that enhance your work skills has always been a good idea. Today it is imperative. If you have a job consider the information given in the Sun's article. Act now to upgrade your skills so that you will remain marketable if you want a job promotion or better job. If you are unemployed, call the unemployment office today. Ask about training and college tuition assistance. A career counselor will be able to tell you all the skills training available for free through your state. Many programs pay for tuition in trade schools, community colleges, and even 4 year universities.



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