5 ideas for a fresh financial start this spring.

April 22, 2011 Easter is this weekend. Do you celebrate Easter? If so, what does Easter mean to you? For some, Easter represents a fresh start. Here are 5 ways you and your family can get a fresh start on your finances this spring!

Get your free credit report. Already had one? Perhaps you qualify for a second free credit report. Once you have reported and cleaned up any errors, you are ready for a fresh start in managing your score. Boost your credit score this spring by utilizing less than 30% of your credit limit, paying your bills on time, and limiting the number of accounts you open or close.

Many people feel they can't afford a financial planner, but never realized they have access to professional advice already. Make an appointment with your insurance agent. She is a licensed professional who can tell you how to reduce financial risk, how to lower your insurance costs, and other ways to save and invest money. Agents don't charge for giving their clients this advice. You can find several ideas about reducing risk and cost through insurance in the next edition of The Quarter Roll.

Your kids watch your behaviors, including your financial behaviors. What have they learned from you? If you think you haven't been the best example, a great way to get a fresh start is a trip to the bank with your kids. Take them to the bank and walk them through the process of opening their own saving accounts. Perhaps give them a few dollars to start with. This positive experience will stick with them forever. Don't think they will remember this 20 years from now? In the upcoming edition of TQR a story about former President Jimmy Carter demonstrates that even Presidents vividly remember money issues from childhood!

At the end of 2010 only 17% of working people said in a Gallup poll that they were satisfied with their job! If you are one of the millions of people who are underemployed, dissatisfied, or just ready for a fresh start this could be the year you make a move to a new job. Having associates and friends that can help you meet the right people is important. Reaching out to others on LinkedIn is a great way to start building your network.

It is spring so why not do some spring cleaning? Give your home a fresh look by planting flowers, painting a wall, or just cleaning away all the winter debris. Not only will it make your home look nicer, it will add curb appeal, a key factor in increasing the value of your home. Want to decorate the exterior of your home, but money is tight? Try an auction. The May / June edition of TQR has a great story on getting extraordinary deals at auctions!

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