Reasons for Bret Michaels' career success.

In the May / June 2011 edition of The Quarter Roll the article, "Bret Michaels' 4 Greatest Assets", tells how this 80s rock legend's personal and career successes provide insightful lessons to anyone who wants to do better in their career or business. Take a look at this video of Bret at work.

Here are some of the positive traits you will see Bret demonstrating right from the very start of this particular concert. (For those of you not familiar with Bret, he is the one with the microphone and cowboy hat.)
bret michaels career1. Comes to work enthusiastically.
2. Works hard and performs his job duties passionately.
3. Reaches out and interacts with his team mates.
4. Enthusiastically greets his customers (the fans).
5. Keeps his customers engaged by constantly reaching out to them.
6. Thanks his customers.
7. Made the effort to have a positive interaction with everyone at his workplace.

What others do you see? How would your job or business benefit if you and others brought these attributes into work? Want to read more about Bret's success traits? Be sure to subscribe to The Quarter Roll and get the entire story!

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