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How To Turn $1 Into $1.25

the quarter roll financial entertainmentNo other token or image sums up the goal of The Quarter Roll like the average Eisenhower dollar coin. The value of an average Eisenhower dollar coin is about $1.25. You have to love the symbolism. The Eisenhower dollar coin has always just seemed to fit the mantra of The Quarter Roll, which is for every one dollar that crosses our hands we want to get $1.25 worth of value.

Why? Because when you are standing on top of a strong financial foundation, and eliminate the worries that money can cause people, you can focus on building freedom and quality into your life.

When you've reached the point where you are 1) paying 25% less, 2) earning 25% more, or 3) gaining 25% more value from your budget you begin to see how applying a mix of simple, everyday strategies with focus and discipline, enhances your and your family's standard of living.

Keep an Eisenhower dollar coin in your pocket as a reminder of what our goal is, and join The Quarter Roll in its' goal to enhance everyone's knowledge about the many strategies there are to save money!

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